Which Window Style Should I Choose?

by | Sep 15, 2022

When it comes to the question of what kind of windows to install for either your home, business, shop or other structure, there is nearly an endless supply of options. There are different styles like sliding windows, picture windows, bay windows, and so on, but there are further options for the frame and the glass. 

The window style will largely depend on the design of your home and your own personal preferences. Do you want a bay window or picture window in your living room? Do you want your windows to open, and how should they open? The choices depend on your preferences and the features you want for your home. 

Here are some of the most common window designs:

  • Double-hung or single-hung: These feature two sashes in a single frame, with the difference being in how they operate: in a single-hung window, only the bottom sash slides up and down, whereas, in a double-hung window, both sashes slide up and down. One selling point of a double-hung window is the ease of cleaning. You can tilt both sashes down and clean both the interior and exterior of your windows from inside your home, which can be especially great on second-story windows.
  • Casement: These windows open sideways (though top-opening casements are available) with a crank. Casement windows are one of the more popular options and are typically more weather-tight than double-hung windows. On the other hand, since the windows swing outward, they are great at ‘scooping’ air into the house when you want it. 
  • Awning: Awning windows operate much like a casement window, only the top edge is fixed, and the window swings outward from the bottom. One great thing about awning windows is that you can have them open during a light rain without water getting in.
  • Sliding: Sliding windows move horizontally along the top and bottom tracks, with one or both windows being moveable. They are often a very cost-efficient choice as their simple design makes them cheaper than some other designs.
  • Bow/Bay: Both of these protrude out from a wall and consist of several windows; the bow window usually has several small windows arranged in a gentle curve, while the bay window is typically a larger window flanked by two smaller angled windows. These are great for introducing a lot of light into a room, adding interest/elegance to the room, and allowing for a better view outside. Since they project outward, they can also offer a shelf that is great for indoor plants. 
  • Fixed: A fixed window is any glass pane that is permanently fixed within a frame. These would be considered very weather-tight as long as they are installed properly, and their simplicity makes them both elegant and affordable. There are also a few other examples of fixed windows:
    • Clerestory: These are usually installed above eye level to allow natural light without compromising wall space or privacy. They also come in operable styles. 
    • Arched: Also known as radius windows and available in operable styles, some install arched windows above doors to allow more light into an area. Their curved design can also bring interest and contrast to your space. 

These are only some more popular designs, and each choice will have pros and cons. Choose what works best for your home.

However, living in West Texas, where summer temps often surpass 90º F, we don’t recommend compromising on energy efficiency. A few things to look for would be double- or triple-paned glass, gas-filled space between the panes, and a Low-E coating on the glass. These features will make the windows more air- and weather-tight, keeping the heat and dust out of your house in the summer while still allowing natural light to pass through. 

While there’s nearly an endless array of window options, we hope that you’ll settle on us to install whatever you choose. Best in the West Construction is committed to excellence in our work and customer service, ensuring that each job is performed promptly and efficiently.  


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